February 5, 2015


MTAbags makes fashion and art come together with its latest collection: L'Art à Porter

Museums, artists, design... These elements come to life inside MTAbags's core. Designer María Teresa Aristeguieta stamped her creative strength through a collection of exclusive limited-edition minaudières.

The seed, source of life, plays a key role in the ergonomic figures of most of the clutches. When holding them, the hand becomes part of the handbag in the same way as the handbag becomes an extension of the hand, creating an spectacular synergy between both.

Aristeguieta has become an international reference of design. The elegance and delicacy with which she evokes minimalist shapes are clearly reflected on her latest collection.

The use of color blocking, applied to fine figures of silver 925, elevate the brand's work to jewelry level.

They're masterpieces, they're jewels.

MTAbags, L’Art à Porter.


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